Upcoming Field Trips (For Members only )

Field Trip Hold Harmless Agreement - In order to participate in APS Field Trips we require that each attendee have a signed Hold Harmless Agreement on file with the club's Treasurer.

January 2022

Merced National Wildlife Reserve - details to come.

December 2021

Urban Ore in Berkeley - details to come. 

November 2021

November 17th: Staten Island in the Delta, with optional side Trip to Locke

October 2021

Let's celebrate Fall together with a trip to the country!  Join us on October 28th for a field trip to Walker Apple Farm in Graton. It's a family run farm, in business since 1952. Situated in the Sonoma wine country, you'll find no shortage of color and subjects for making wonderful photographs!  

Where:  Walker Apple Farm  10955 Upp Road, Graton, CA 95444  (707) 823 4310  https://www.facebook.com/WalkerApples/

What You Might See:  Check out member Sonia Dunning's photos of her 2013 trip to Walker's and the surrounding area https://flic.kr/s/aHsmWXoxkZ

When:  Thursday, October 28th  Walker's opens at 9am but let's plan to be there by 11am to avoid commute traffic

APS Flickr Page Tag2021_Apples Please post your photos from this trip on the APS Flickr page.  


September 2021

For this month's field trip, we're offering Oakland's historic  Chapel of the Chimes Columbarium and Mausoleum. Visiting this unique location, you will see the influence of renown architect Julia Morgan who was contracted to renovate the columbarium in 1926.  For orientation to the site, please use the attached Chapel of the Chimes Self Guided Tour brochure.  

  • Chapel of the Chimes is located at 4499 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland.  
  • Hours are 9am to 5pm.  

A Special Place:  Of course, this is a place of rest for the loved ones of many Bay Area families so as we visit, it's important to show our respect.  I spoke with Chapel of the Chimes management and they provided guidance for us:

  • Because our photographs may be published on social media (APS website, N4C, PSA, Facebook or Flickr), or elsewhere, images should taken in a way that does not reveal the names and dates of those interred. We do not have the permission of the families of the deceased to do so.
  • No models

Why an Open Field Trip?  This is not really  the type of place that we want to converge on as a group.  I recommend that you choose any day sometime in the next couple of weeks to visit and photograph. Certainly go with another member if you'd like.  We are all likely to choose different dates, so we can enjoy this remarkable building without a noticeable presence of photographers.  I hope you understand where I am going here.

FYI:  You also may want to visit the adjacent Mountain View Cemetery. In May of this year, after an extended COVID related shut down, Mountain View Cemetery announced a limited reopening of its grounds to the public. They are now open on Saturdays and Wednesdays 7am-6pm. Visitors may be asked to sign in upon entry. 

Please tag any photos from this trip with 2021_Chimes

August 2021 

Field Trip to the Cal campus.  From the West Gate to Memorial Stadium, Sather Gate to the Campanile and on to the north side entrance, the Berkeley campus has no end of photographic opportunities for the curious photographer - people, critters, gardens, glades and groves not to mention buildings whose architectural styles of reflect the 153 year history of this campus. 

And...there's a  twist! With a nod to our old Mystery Field Trips, we are adding a list of subjects to shoot while in the campus area. The only diversion from the traditional Mystery Field Trip is that there is no competition for the honor of planning the next trip.  That said, we would like to see your images on our Flickr page with the tag 2021_Cal.   For help with Flickr go to Join the APS group on Flickr and Using Flickr to Host APS Field Images.

Where:  University of California, Berkeley, CA 

When:  Thursday, August 26th.  To take advantage of the morning light, plan to meet at West Gate on Oxford St (click to download map) at 8:30 am.   As with all of our 2021 field trips, this is a suggested time.  If it works better for you to visit at another time or even another day, go for it.   

Sunrise:  6:34 am


Look forward to seeing you there!

Jeannette Lakness-King, Communications Chair, APS

July 2021

 A Change of Plans:  Because there is a significant amount of work currently underway at the Knox-Miller Regional, Shoreline, we are moving the July 21 field trip across the freeway to Point Molate.

Although you will see a lot of cyclone fencing along the road, Point Molate is rich with photo opportunities.  Please do take the time to look at the images in the attachments and read the comments from members Sonia Dunning and Louis Cheng.


Where: Point Molate  

Directions: Drive west on 580 toward the Richmond San Rafael Bridge.  Take Exit 7A Stenmark Dr - this is the last exit before the bridge - if you miss it, you’ll be going to Marin!  Follow Stenmark Drive toward the Point Molate Beach Park (this is a good destination to use if you are using a navigating app) 

When: Wednesday, July 21st.   

  • If you are interested in exploring the marina area, plan to meet at the Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor at or before 4pm. 
  • If you are coming for the ospreys, our members with experience at this location recommend arriving between 4pm and 6pm at the osprey nests. (see directions and comments in this document). Bring a chair - you might be waiting a while.
  • As with all of our 2021 field trips, this is a suggested time.  If it works better for you to visit this area at another time or even another day, go for it. 

Tides:  Low: 3:44pm + 3ft;  High: 9:33 pm +8.9 ft

Sunset:  8:27 pm  Moonrise: 6:45 pm

Flickr Tag:  Please post your images on our Flickr page and tag with 2021_PtMolate


Some areas of interest:

  • Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor at the far end of the peninsula (about 2 miles from the Point Molate Beach Park) is a unique shoreline community with lots of nooks and crannies to explore. There is a floating home neighborhood, a small yacht harbor, beach, outdoor sculptures, lots of goats, a railroad track to meander down  and the  fresh San Pablo Bay breeze to enjoy.  Plenty of parking here.
  • Osprey Nests  At Stenmark and Drowly, roughly 1 mile from the  Point Molate Beach Park, you’l find a two osprey nests (photo attached). APS members Louis Cheng and Sonia Dunning both have been to this location to photograph the ospreys as they (the birds) fish for dinner for their young.  Please see the attached document for their comments and recommendations. 
  • East Brothers Light Station: Venture out along the shoreline to the tip of Point Molate and you’ll have a clear view of East Brothers Light Station - a Victorian lighthouse in operation since 1873. Please take the time to read Sonia Dunning’s description in the attached document.  She gives a precise description of how to reach the viewing point and provides a link with her image of the lighthouse plus historical information on this location.
  • Winehaven:  There is one other obvious area of interest - a very large complex known as Winehaven, originally built by the California Wine Association and later used by the US military as a Naval Fuel Depot.  Although this complex is a National Historic site, it is closed off to visitors so exploring opportunities are limited to say the least.

Thank-you!! I am very grateful to both Sonia Dunning and Louis Cheng for taking the time to provide us with information about this location.


Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Jeannette Lakness-King, Communications Chair, APS


June 2021

Join us for a peaceful Saturday morning of photography and enjoying the surroundings at the Japanese Gardens in Hayward.

Where:  Japanese Gardens 22325 N, Third Street, Hayward, CA.  Click here for more info

When:  Saturday, June 19 at 8:30 am  - Note that the Gardens open every day at 8:30 am and close at 4:00 pm.

Parking:  There is a parking lot that serves the Gardens. Street parking is also available should the lot be full.

We're Flexible:  We have heard from reliable sources that both morning hours and later afternoon hours are good for photographing the Gardens in Hayward.  If you cannot make it in the morning, visit in the afternoon.  And, if 6/19 is not a good date for you, visit on another day in he next few weeks.

Flickr:  Please do post your photos to our Flickr Page ( https://www.flickr.com/groups/35608231@N00/)  and add the tag 2021_HaywardGardens

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

May 2021

On Wednesday, May 26th, we have two Full Moon Shoot events planned. You are welcome to attend one or both. Thanks very much to APS members Louis Cheng and Eddy Lehrer for lending their knowledge, collaboration and teamwork to the planning of this event.

  • The Moonset is the first event of the full moon and will be at 6:00 am. 
    • Where: We will shoot from Hong Kong East Seafood Restaurant at 3199 Powell Street in Emeryville
    • Meetup Time is 5:30am. Sunrise is at 5:51am , 
    • Foreground for this shot is the San Francisco skyline.  
    • Plan Ahead: We suggest that interested members take a short scouting trip to Emeryville prior to the 26th so that they will know where they are going.
  • Moonrise is the 2nd event of the full moon and will take place at 9:07pm. 
    • Where: We will shoot from the Park Street Bridge in Alameda
    • Meetup Time is 8:30pm. Sunset is at 8:21pm 
    • Foreground for this shot is the the Fruitvale Bridge.  
    • Plan Ahead: We suggest that interested members scout out available parking in the area of the bridge beforehand.

Note that we have made no plans for photographing the eclipse. For that, you will find plenty of helpful information online and through apps such as SkyView, Planit Pro, or TPE. 

Please RSVP by noon on Tuesday, May 25

Because these events are before sunrise/after sunset, we think it is important for us to know who is coming so we can watch out for one another.  We’ll share the list of expected attendees with all of those attending - you may want to arrange to meet a friend at the location. A ‘no’ response does not mean you cannot change your mind and join us.  We would just like to have a fair idea of how many and who to expect. To RSVP, please open this link and complete the simple form:  https://forms.gle/4XdF3QBGt9fLmWiy8

Flickr tag:  2021_May26Moon


April 2021


Here is an opportunity celebrate the new season by roaming and photographing the grounds of historic Filoli at its springtime best! 

When:  Thursday, April 15, 2021,  Hours are 10am - 5pm.  Your ticket will allow you to enter any time between 10 am and 4:30pm.   

Where:  Filoli  86 Canada Road, Woodside, CA 94062  Link to Website and Ticket Purchase: https://filoli.org

Cost:  Tickets MUST be purchased in advance.  General Admission: $25;  Admission for 65 and older: $22 (I apologize for getting this wrong in my announcement at Tuesday's Program Night.)  Note that tickets are non-refundable and may not be applied to another date.

Next Steps:  Purchase your tickets NOW Filoli is very popular and they do close ticket sales when their daily limit has been met.

The HOW of APS Field Trips:  To stay safe, we will follow Covid appropriate rules for the Field Trip  

  • Masks and Social Distancing: All participants must wear a mask and maintain appropriate an physical distance from other members
  • No Carpools: We will not form carpools as we have traditionally done. 
  • No Organized Lunch: Members should plan to bring their own lunch or snacks and water.
  • Note that Filoli requires that all visitors wear face coverings. Please review the Filoli website for any other rules that may apply to your visit.

Flickr tag:  2021_Filoli

March 2021

Join us for a late afternoon shoot at the Albany Bulb where there is plenty to see and photograph. Located on the Albany shoreline behind the Golden Gate Fields racetrack you’ll see shorebirds, lots of urban art and a great views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge - wonderful for sunset!  Take the Buchanan Street exit just north of the Interstate 80/580 split, then head west on the extension to the parking area. 

For more info click here.

See also More info on The Albany Bulb

HOW:  To stay safe, we will follow Covid appropriate rules for the Field Trip

Masks and Social Distancing:  All participants must wear a mask and maintain appropriate an physical distance from other members
No Carpools:  We will not form carpools as we have traditionally done. 
No Organized Meal:  Members should plan to bring their own snacks and water.

Where:  Albany Bulb 1 Buchanan Street, Albany CA 94710

When: Wednesday, March 3rd - 3:30pm

Sunset / Tide:  Sunset and tide information are included below so that you can plan your arrival time according to the conditions you are looking for.  Also please note that this is a popular place for people to walk their dogs after work. 

  • Sunset 6:05 pm; last light 6:31pm
    Tide: High tide: 3:12pm; Low Tide: 8:40pm

Parking There are two small parking lots at the end of the road and there is parking along Buchanan Street (where there is a two hour limit in some locations).

Bathrooms -there is a bathroom located at the park and it is near the parking.

Flickr tag: 2021_Albany

January 2021

Where :  Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve 6800 Skyline Blvd in Oakland

  • Parking is located at the Sibley Staging Area. There is no parking fee at this time. Spill over parking is available on Skyline if the lot is full

When:  Wednesday, January 27th.  Arrival and departure times are up to each individual - suggested meet-up time is 9am.  If you would like to meet up with another member, please make arrangements with that individual for a specific meet up time. We suggest that you meet at the Sibley Staging Area parking lot.

If you already have other plans and cannot make it on the 27th but would like to explore and take photos at Sibley - go  there and enjoy yourself any day that works for you. Your images will still be welcome on the Flickr page for this trip.  We will send a tag for you to use on your photos shortly.

Description:   Use this link to explore the park and find directions:  https://www.ebparks.org/parks/sibley/

Flickr tag: 2021_Sibley

Tips:  To Stay safe, we will follow Covid appropriate rules for the Field Trip:

  • Masks and Social Distancing: All participants must wear a mask and maintain appropriate distance from other members.
  • No Carpools: We will not form carpools as we have traditionally done
  • No Organized lunch: Members should plan to bring their own lunch or snacks and water


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