Upcoming Field Trips 

May 2019

Mini Bike Ride to Naval Air Station in Alameda

Where:  Meet at Encinal Boat Launching Ramp at the Alameda Naval Air Station

Time: Wednesday MAY 1, 2019 7:00 PM till Sundown or so


The intent is to show people a little know section of the old air base, perhaps take a few interesting images of the area and try for worthwhile sunset pictures.  Bicycles will allow us to explore the area easily and pick out where you want to be when the sun starts to set.  Official sunset time is 8:59.  The light starts to get more interesting about 30 minutes earlier.  The sun dips below the city skyline roughly 10 minutes before the actual sunset time.  Keep in mind we may be “fogged” out.

Other things to explore before sundown are the breakwater and little beach by the parking lot, the sea lion float (which is pretty far out and usually only has sleeping sea lions), the new ferry boat docks, the Hornet and the Ready Reserve Fleet, lots of old and aging infrastructure, rust, lovely military architecture, etc.  It’s up to you.

The attached map shows the area and suggested route.  Where you go is up to you. Click here to see map.


It can get cold and windy out there so be prepared!  If you have a racing bike with very narrow tires it might not be the best for this trip.   See aging infrastructure note above.

I’ve found the best place to carry cameras and lenses is in a handle bar bag with a little padding thrown in the bottom and a towel used to separate things.  Carrying a tripod will require a little more ingenuity.

Part of the route is on paved trail without traffic.  Once past the ferry dock you may see some very light car traffic. 

It will be almost dark when we are finished so you will need proper lights and reflectors if you plan to ride home on the streets.

Non bicycle riders are welcome.  You can park at either end of the route.  The ships can be accessed by turning left at W. Oriskany Ave, the very next street past the launch ramp road.  You'll see signs for a storage facility.  

The Flickr keyword for this trip is “2019_NAS1” without the quote marks.


Head west on Central Ave until reaching Encinal High School on your left.  Central Ave will start to curve to the right as you pass the high school.  At the middle of the bend and just after the high school look for an unnamed road on your left.  There is a large chain link fence with wooden slots on the far side of the access road that has several signs advertising a canoe club, sailing lessons, the Bay Trail, etc all pointing in the direction you want to go.  If you get past the bend you missed it.  At the end of the long straight access road is a parking lot for those of you hauling your bikes. 

If you have any questions call or text Leonard Stanton at 510-846-4030 or email at archimedesinc@sbcglobal.net

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