Photographic Events

HAPPENING NOW--APS Exhibit at the "Local" Cafe 


Duration of Exhibit: August and September

Featuring Original Images By: Mark Brueckman, Jeff Cullen, Tom Debley, Jeff Dunn, Susan Dunn, Brando Ho, Stephen Hahn, Eric Hse, Eddy Lehrer, Jeannette Lakness-King, Michele Profant, Lenny Rush, and Thu Tran.

Location: 1333 Park St, Alameda, CA 

Reception: TBD


APS Exhibition at CALYX HEALTH

Calyx Health is excited to partner with APS to exhibit the work of local photographers. Calyx Health is a doctor’s office exclusively for Medicare seniors, located in the Alameda South Shore above Trader Joe’s. Calyx Health has taken everything you don’t like about a traditional doctor’s office and replaced it with a space designed to foster health just by walking through the door. The clinic was built from the ground up to cater to seniors’ needs, and includes a unique blend of modern finishes and nostalgic decor that pays homage to historic Alameda.

APS members are welcome to stop by to tour the space Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm, located at 2217 South Shore Center #250, Alameda--above Trader Joe’s. Visit for pictures and to learn more.


Duration of Exhibit: June 20th to Week of December 9th

Featuring Original Images By: Louis Cheng, Jeff Cullen, Tom Debley, Jeff Dunn, Eric Hse, Jeannette Lakness-King, Michele Profant, Lenny Rush, Hans Siebert, Roseanne Smith, Leonard Stanton, Thu Tran, and Marcy Zimmerman.

Reception Hosted by Calyx Health: Wednesday, July 24th @ 5:30pm-7:30pm


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