Scavenger Hunts (members only)

Hunts are designed to encourage our members to shoot images while maintaining social distancing during the time of global pandemics - hunt by yourself on your own time - don’t let COVID-19 make you a couch potato!

The Rules of the Game: 

September/ October

. Submitting Your Images

  • Images per Maker: Players in the Hunt may submit one photo for each image category.
  • Timeline: Images must be taken between Saturday, September 11 to Sunday, October 3
  • Deadline: Submit images on the APS site’s Competition tab anytime before Sunday, October 3 at 7:00pm.
  • What About Geography? 
    • Images can be taken anywhere provided both of your feet are in the territorial Lower 48 United States. 
    • Use of aerial devices is not permitted.
 Judging Criteria
  • Titles are required, but they needn't be fully descriptive. Note that camera generated file names are not allowable as titles
  • Perspective and innovation counts! Thinking outside-the-box may distinguish your image vis-a-vis other images.
  • Post processing guidelines for the Hunt are the same as those we apply to Travel and Journalism images:
    • Manipulations are limited to cropping, contrast and minor tonal and color adjustments.
    • All adjustments must appear natural.
    • Both Color and Monochrome are allowed.
    • No misrepresentations of the truth.
    • No set-ups just for the purpose of photography.
    • No overlays or double exposures.
    • Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping are not permitted.
    • This means image processing must be kept to a minimum - this is not a PhotoShop competition - don’t cut and paste a chicken onto a bicycle
 Game Scoring:
  • The Hunt will have winners for each Category as well as an overall Winner. 
  • Category Winners: Each image category will have two winners - first place is awarded 5 points and second is awarded 3 points.
  • The Overall Winner will be awarded to the player with the most points.  Winner picks the category for the next hunt.

Image Categories- This month’s Hunt  was designed by July hunt winner Sonia Dunning with support from prior hunt winnerEddy Lehrer.

Please find and take photos of the following:

1 - Ethnic Food

  2 - Something That Flies

  3 - Water-colors (up for interpretation)

  4 - Something Relating to Music

  5 - Something Relating to Art

  6 - Something Very Old

  7 - Tattoo

  8 - Wrinkles

  9 - Chocolate

 10 - Something beginning with Q, X or Z

   Download PDF of List.

Good luck and have fun!

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