Scavenger Hunts (members only)

Hunts are designed to encourage our members to shoot images while maintaining social distancing during the time of global pandemics - hunt by yourself on your own time - don’t let COVID-19 make you a couch potato!

The Rules of the Game:

Submitting Your Images

  • Images per Maker: Players in the Hunt may submit one photo for each image category.
  • What About Geography?
    • Images can be taken anywhere provided both of your feet are in the territorial Lower 48 United States. 
    • Use of aerial devices is not permitted.

Judging Criteria

  • Titles are required, but they needn't be fully descriptive. Note that camera generated file names are not allowable as titles.
  • Perspective and innovation counts! Thinking outside-the-box may distinguish your image vis-a-vis other images.
  • Post processing guidelines for the Hunt are the same as those we apply to Travel and Journalism images:
  • Manipulations are limited to cropping, contrast and minor tonal and color adjustments.
  • All adjustments must appear natural.
  • Both Color and Monochrome are allowed.
  • No misrepresentations of the truth.
  • No set-ups just for the purpose of photography. Note that there may be exceptions to this rule. Check this month’s category list.
  • No overlays or double exposures.
  • Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping are not permitted.
  • This means image processing must be kept to a minimum - this is not a PhotoShop competition - don’t cut and paste a chicken onto a bicycle.

Game Scoring:

  • The Hunt will have winners for each Category as well as overall Winner.
  • Category Winners: Each image category will have two winners - first place is awarded 5 points and second is awarded 3 points.
  • The Winner will be awarded to the player with the most points.

We hope you have a great time with your scavenger hunt! And remember.... no chickens on bicycles!

January 2021
  • Timeline: Images must be taken between Saturday, January 9 to Sunday, February 7
  • Deadline: Submit images on the APS site’s Competition tab anytime before Sunday, February 7 at 7:00 PM.

Image Categories- please find and take photos of the following:

  1.  Flag or flags
  2.  Automobile Hood ornament
  3.  Government building 
  4.  Little Free Library (see
  5.  Arrow or Arrows
  6.  Moon
  7.  Sunset or sunrise
  8.  Landscape
  9.  Building that needs repairs
  10.  Garbage or litter
  11.  Bird or Birds in flight.
  12.  Someone else's art
  13.  Water or other liquid drop(s) *
  14.  Kitchen Photography (see for tips). *
  15. Somebody in motion

*These two categories (13 and 14) are exceptions to the “no set-ups just for the purpose of photography" rule.


November 2020
  • Timeline: Images must be taken between Saturday, November 7 to Sunday, November 29
  • Deadline: Submit images on the APS site’s Competition tab anytime before Sunday, November 29 at 7:00 PM.

Image Categories- please find and take photos of the following:

  1. A church or religious scene
  2. A bird or birds
  3. Something blue
  4. People crossing the street
  5. A motorcycle or scooter in motion
  6. A view from a window
  7. Public transportation scene
  8. A still life inside your house
  9. A portrait
  10. A night scene
  11. A leaf or leaves
  12. A door or entrance
  13. A water scene
  14. Something COVID related
  15. A gas station scene

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