2021 Field Trips

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 Urban Ore (12/8)  in Berkeley.  In the last century, we might have called this a junkyard. Urban Ore's stated mission is To End the Age of Waste.  It's really an ultimate recycling center - of the best order.  One online review of Urban Ore that captured it well "..It feels like everything but the house is here - the longer stuff stays the more it will start to feel like a museum, but there are tons of useful and quirky items from picture frames to housewares and doors."  It is a fun place to explore!   2021_UrbanOre
Staten Island:   A trip to see and photograph the Sandhill Cranes at Staten Island in the Sacramento Delta.   2021_StatenIsland

Walker Apple Farm (10/28) : Walker Apple Farm in Graton is a family run farm, in business since 1952. Situated in the Sonoma wine country, you'll find no shortage of color and subjects for making wonderful photographs!  

 Flickr Tag: 2021_Apples



Chapel Of  the Chimes (Sept): Oakland's historic Chapel of the Chimes Columbarium and Mausoleum. Visiting this unique location, you will see the influence of renown architect Julia Morgan who was contracted to renovate the columbarium in 1926.  

Flickr Tag: 2021_Chimes



 Cal Campus (8/26):  From the West Gate to Memorial Stadium, Sather Gate to the Campanile and on to the north side entrance, the Berkeley campus has no end of photographic opportunities for the curious photographer - people, critters, gardens, glades and groves not to mention buildings whose architectural styles of reflect the 153 year history of this campus. 

Flickr Tag: 2021_Cal


 Pt. Molate(7/21): This area in Richmond offers a variety of photo ops - Ospreys, a harbor, views of the Richmond bridge and a old lighthouse.

Flickr Tag: 2021_PtMolate


Hayward Japanese Gardens(6/19): A peaceful Saturday morning of photography and enjoying the surroundings at the Japanese Gardens

Flickr tag: 2021_HaywardGardens


Full Moon:  Members shot the full moon at various locations on May 26th.

Flickr tag: 2021_may26moon

Filoli Gardens(4/15):  The spring display features daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths contrasted with blue violas,

Flickr tag: 2021_Filoli

 2021 Filoli

Albany Bulb(3/3): Located on the Albany shoreline behind the Golden Gate Fields racetrack, there are shorebirds, lots of urban art and great views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Flickr tag: 2021_Albany

 2021 Albany Bulb


Sibley Volcanic Preserve (jan):East Bay residents have a volcano in their backyard at Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve.

Flickr tag: 2021_Sibley

Trip Leader: None

2021 Sibley Volcanic Preserve

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