2017 Program Nights


Making of Creative Images Photographer Greg Edwards discussed the making of creative images.


Michael Kawano spoke to us on lighting.  Michael demonstrated the use of both studio flashes and speedlights. Also showing multiple ways to use umbrellas with lights.


Photo processing night.  Members submitted their interpretation of one of three images made available to all. We then discussed the member's choices in post-processing and suggestions for more modifications.


David Coleman spoke on Advanced Composition Techniques.


This was a member participation program night. Members brought their cameras, were given a topic to shoot, and broke into groups to go out and shoot. When the groups returned they shared a image of their interpretation of the topic.


Paul Hampton shared many of his tips in the use of Adobe Lightroom to post process images.


Tom Debley, a club member, lead a presentation on Small Is Beautiful. Tom shared his learnings from trying small lighter-weight photo equipment for travel. He talked about shooting competition level photography with an iPhone 7, including gizmos to attach it to a tripod and attachable lenses for macro, wide angle and more. He also discussed the mirrorless camera option as an alternative for overseas travel given weight constraints (i.e., 44 pounds total on flights to the Galapagos) and other problems one encounters these days, such as having gear barred from carry on.


David Weintraub gave us a presentation on Photoshop Layers what they are and how to use them.


Leonard Stanton gave a presentation related to scanning techniques and equipment for prints and negatives. Leonard used both scanning hardware and a camera on a frame.


With this meeting being so close to Thanksgiving we decided to try something different and presented the movie "Finding Vivian Maier".  From IMDB.com "A documentary on the late Vivian Maier, a nanny whose previously unknown cache of 100,000 photographs earned her a posthumous reputation as one of the most accomplished street photographers."

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