2015 Field Trips

We have started to use Flickr to host slideshows for our Field Trips. The following links will show you how to join the Alameda Photographic Society group on Flickr and how to submit images for your field trip

Joining the APS Flickr Group

Adding Field Trip images to APS group for slideshow

Destination Click on image to see more
Annual Banquet,
at the Buttercup Grill and Bar in December.
Scandic Spring,
factory access, Saturday October 17th. View some of our images.
Mono Lake & Bodie,
a 4 day field trip to Mono Lake, Bodie, Convict Lake and Bristle Cone Pine park.

Alameda Museum Show
Death Valley,
a long weekend in March. Click on the photographer's name to view their photos.

Allen Hirsch

Mark Brueckman

Bob Hirschfeld

Need image here
Año Nuevo State Park,
in January we photographed the elephant seals who gather there to breed and care for their newborn pups. Click on the photographer's name to view their photos.

Hans Siebert

Bob Hirschfeld

Sheila Fitzgerald

Steve Hahn

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