Upcoming Program Nights 


Tuesday, August 28: Program Night - Tom Debley

The topic will be “Photo Editing on the Fly.” Tom will cover Adobe Photoshop Express for editing on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices with a free downloadable app. Use with either phone photos or quick Wi-Fi transfers from your camera. Crop, straighten, rotate, fix, etc. in the palm of your hand.  Tom will also cover two other downloadable apps: Prisma (free and low cost) and Sketch Prisma which is a photo-editing app that creates photo effects, transforming photos into drawings and paintings. Sketch will turn a photo into line art.


Tuesday, September 25: Program Night - Bob Hirschfeld will present his favorite travel pictures and talk about why he thinks they are successful.


Tuesday, October 23: Program Night - Special Software Tools: Stephen Hinchey on Changing Colors and Susan Dunn will cover Cloning.


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