2019 Program Nights


Tuesday, January 22: Program Night - Our special guest was Baabish Hussain. Originally from Fiji, Baabish is a Sports Photographer based out of San Francisco, CA.  Currently, he is working with Major League Baseball and covering San Francisco Giants, San Francisco Giants Baseball camps, Oakland A's and San Diego Padres. Although his focus is in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has covered lots of International Sports events overseas. He believes some of the best images come from the smallest moments. His goal is to capture unique images that push the art of photography.


Tuesday, February 24: Unfortunately, Ben Long wasn't able to make our meeting. The discussion session on member-submitted photos was facilitated by judges extraordinaire - Terry Toomey, Stephen Hinchey, and Jeff Dunn.

This event was for members to load one image per maker, to be selected for group discussion led by a moderator on Program Night. The title field (1000 characters) is to be used by the maker to describe any concerns they want addressed by the group and facilitator, and/or any additional information such as artistic intention and proposed title for the image. Sequences are permitted, but the category should be indicated on the initial slide (Journalism, Nature, Portfolio).


Tuesday, March 26: We are excited to have Michael Kawano return for another program night.  He will be discussing current photography gear options, with an emphasis on travelling light as well as tips for buying a new camera in today's market.  He will share important considerations before buying a new camera and will also bring along some example gear, so people can see the differences in size and weight.  The presentation will break down gear options at varying price points and gear options for various types of photography goals.


Tuesday, April 23: Program Night - Our very own Jeff Dunn will discuss how to create portfolios. At the end of the evening, you'll have a basic understanding of:

  • The definition of a portfolio
  • The basic portfolio elements
  • How to get started developing a portfolio


Tuesday, May 28: Program Night - Gary Oehrle, member of the Livermore Camera Club, will be discussing printing and matting. He will walk through the process starting with Photoshop, to crop and size the image. After which, take that printed image through the steps of matting: trimming the print excess material, marking out the mat for a particular size print, cutting it, mounting the print, then adding the backing using double-sided tape. He will provide a list of materials and where to purchase them.


Tuesday, June 25: Program Night - Member participation program night--please your bring your cameras. You will be given a topic, break into groups, then go out and shoot. Groups will return and share images of the topic. 


Tuesday, August 27: Program Night - Jeff Dunn provided feedback on portfolios submitted by members.


Tuesday, Sept 24: Program Night - Special Pictorial Program Night.  Submit one image you want feedback about. Titles for this non-N4C event can have up to 600 characters if there is something special you want to inform viewers about your image. All members may share their thoughts.  Use the Special Pictorial Program Night Competition for Tuesday September 24.


Tuesday, Oct 22: Program Night - Gregory Gregor will speak with us on Photography: Authorship, Ownership, & Privacy

Through examining the methods and techniques of historical as well as contemporary photographers, we will take a look at how we create images as modern photographers; what it means to be a creator, an author, or an owner of said images. Does the creative effort alone make us the author and in being the author are we then the owner as well? What does ownership of an image mean to us as creators, and how does distribution and legacy play a role in that, or does it? Can we even claim ownership of our own visage?

Gregory G. Geiger is an artist living in Alameda, California; a lead type lover, comic-book fan, designer, and devotee of the power of steam. A founding member of 1/5th As Good, with a BFA from SFAI, and an MFA from Mills College, he has presented and performed at the SFMOMA, exhibited on both the east and west coasts, as well as in many non-traditional formats around the country and internationally. Currently he is making photographic work that explores the psychological dimensions of photography as an extension of failing memory, distribution and democratization of art, the impact of pop social media on identity, and the classic techniques of photography as physical craft.


Tuesday, Nov 26: Program Night - We will be screening the movie "Ansel Adams: American Experience".  The timeless photographs of Ansel Adams have made him one of the most recognized and admired names in art. This intimate look at the man and his work details his position as a staunch environmentalist and how his art reflected his strong worldview. David Ogden Stiers narrates this profile produced for the PBS series "American Experience," which was directed by Emmy-winning documentarian Ric Burns.

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